Easy and Efficient Equipment Financing for Your Business

equipment-financing-yellow-ironYour business won’t be much of anything but a hope and a dream without the right equipment. The Lending Force offers quality equipment financing that makes it easy to outfit your business with the various odds and ends you need to keep things up and running. We offer our customers a variety of programs and leases, each of which is designed to perfectly fit your unique business needs.

Program Features

Some of the specific features of our equipment leasing program include:

  • Various payment options
  • Application approval for as much as $150,000 without the need for financial statements
  • Approval of large ticket items in excess of $500,000
  • Affordable down payments
  • Mid-tier market financing as much as $500,000

It makes no difference what type of equipment your business needs, we are highly confident we have the resources and industry connections you need and deserve. We can have you approved in as few as 24 hours, but we ask for three to five days if you have middle market or large ticket commercial equipment to lease.

An Option for Every Business Owner

If you’d rather not resort to using your bank lines for liquid capital, you might prefer the sale and leaseback portion of our business equipment leasing program. The way it works is we use your equipment’s current equity to supply you with the cash flow you need, which is done by us buying up your equipment and leasing it to you. After you’ve successfully made all of your payments in full, ownership of your equipment will revert back to you.

We also feature a startup option in our equipment financing program. Over the years we’ve found that many traditional financial institutions aren’t willing to work with businesses that are just getting up and running. If you’re having trouble procuring the equipment your startup business needs, we’d love to give to a helping hand.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about your options for equipping your business.