Take Advantage of Your Merchant Account for Working Capital

merchant-cash-advanceWhen the seasons of business affect your bottom line, instead of turning toward a business loan and creating debt in your company, consider a merchant cash advance. With this type of financing, you pledge a portion of your future credit card sales against a cash advance to your business. At The Lending Force, we can take your assets and help you push forward in your industry. We have many products that let you expand on your terms instead of the banks.

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

  • Quicker than a traditional loan
  • No closing or origination costs
  • Payments collected through your merchant account
  • No loss of equity

Make It Work for Your Business

A merchant cash advance is typically available within about seven days, which can get your business through a cash flow situation when you can’t pay staff or want to make an investment when you don’t have the working capital. We offer competitive rates and terms to keep your business operating smoothly during any season. Discuss your needs with one of our certified financial professionals who can give you your options. We have a large portfolio of financial products to offer multiple solutions when you need cash to grow and operate. We work with your goals and budget in mind.