Would Purchase Order Financing Keep Your Business Competitive?

purchase-order-financingGetting that large purchase order is one of the best feelings in the world until you suddenly realize how difficult it is going to be to purchase the product to fulfill the order. At The Lending Force, we want to make sure you can meet the orders you have. We offer purchase order financing as a method to help fund your business when this happens. We have years of experience in distribution and manufacturing financing to give you many options when it comes to a boost of working capital. Our team has worked with small to large organizations, startups, and companies with less-than-stellar credit. We can keep you competitive in the fast-moving economy in today’s world.

Benefits of Financing Purchase Orders

  • Don’t sell equity to increase cash flow
  • No increased debt load
  • Increase your market share
  • Fulfil larger orders to make more profits
  • Fast financing with flexibility
  • Use money as you want

Discuss Your Needs With Our Team

We’ve worked with manufacturers, producers, distributors, and resellers with purchase order financing to propel them into a better position. When you need additional working capital for pre-sold merchandise, let our certified financial professionals help you out. Discuss your concerns with us and let find the financial product to fit your goals.