Business Loans for Commercial Real Estate

bridge-loansThe commercial real estate market offers different opportunities for financing over consumer financing because of the way the property is used. Investing a commercial property is part of a business where you want to make a profit. You’re expecting the real estate to earn an income as part of the business. At The Lending Force, we have a portfolio of financial products to help you find the financing which fits your business goals. A state income commercial real estate loan looks at the value of the property and its ability to cover the costs of the mortgage, taxes, and insurance, rather than depending on the credit history of an individual or a business.

What Types of Property Are Eligible?

Stated income loans are available for many different types of properties. Office buildings, apartments, and retail real estate are eligible. The income of the property is what will be considered. When asking for a loan, it can be used for many different purposes:

  • Purchasing the property
  • Consolidating debt
  • Refinancing
  • Working capital
  • Making property improvements

Parameters of the Loan

With stated income commercial real estate loans, there are multiple options which depend on the type of property and amount of the loan. The terms and rates are very competitive with traditional loans. Closing can take as little as two to three weeks, whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, or cashing-out. We want to make your loan happen to let you move forward with your business.

Ask Our Professionals for Financing Options

We have a vast portfolio of financial products to find the right business financing opportunity that fits into your organization’s goals and objectives, and your budget. We want to maximize your investment into your future while helping you be more successful in your industry. Partner with the financial specialists of The Lending Force to change your destiny and improve your offerings.